World Cup Controversy: Qatar to Host 2022 Games


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BLATTER: “The winner to organize the 2022 FIFA World Cup is Qatar!” (FIFA)

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The 2022 soccer World Cup may still be 12 years away, but that didn’t stop Americans from voicing their anger when FIFA announced Thursday that Qatar, a tiny Middle-Eastern nation smaller than Connecticut, will host the 2022 Cup – not the Stars and Stripes.

The decision was made from Zurich during the early hours of the morning in the US, along with the announcement that Russia will host the 2018 World Cup.

The Associated Press says the final round of voting for 2022 came down to the United States and oil-rich Qatar, and Qatar topped the US in that round 14-8. The decision ends a long bid campaign that included support from former President Bill Clinton and actor Morgan Freeman.

Grant Wahl of Sports Illustrated says the selection of Qatar further illustrates the corruption of FIFA toward the highest bidders. He says he hopes the decision will cause enough controversy to initiate change at FIFA’s top.

“...having two oil-wealthy winners is the clearest message possible that FIFA needs a complete overhaul in its leadership and organization...Choosing a safer bet like the U.S. or Australia would have been the logical thing to do, but as we know, FIFA doesn't always use logic in its decisions.”

While some worry about FIFA’s morals, or lack thereof, others are worried about the high temperatures Qatar experiences in the summer, which can reach upwards of 130 degrees Fahrenheit. Qatar promises to – get this – AIR CONDITION its outdoor stadiums to combat the heat, but even that isn’t enough to please everyone.

A US soccer fan told Matt Bonesteel of the Washington Post that the heat will be a deal breaker for his 2022 World Cup travel plans.

“Honestly, who wants to go to Qatar in the summer for a month? I know they’re going to air condition the stadiums, but they can’t air condition the whole country.”

Qatar’s impressive bid included plans for 10 brand new, state-of-the-art stadiums that are sure to awe even the most disgruntled US supporters, and it also brought an opportunity for FIFA to take the world’s game to a place it’s never been before: The Middle East. (Video: Qatar 2022 Bid)

Back in Qatar, everyone is getting involved in the celebration. The Gulf Times, Qatar’s dominant English-language newspaper, calls the World Cup bid an answered prayer.

“A nation’s prayers have been answered. A region’s demand has been met. Qatar and the Middle East have made history and, as a result, the beautiful game has just got[ten] more beautiful.”

So what’s your take? Is FIFA grubbing for money in undeserving countries, or is it simply trying to raise soccer’s profile in new regions?

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