Call of Duty Black Ops FIVE Table Glitch Tutorial *PATCHED*

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Download link: *******freefilego****/DelphiniaNagle257/Black This is a Voice tutorial on how to do the COD...
Download link: *******freefilego****/DelphiniaNagle257/Black This is a Voice tutorial on how to do the COD Black ops - FIVE glitch This glitch was found by me : o0EXTREME0o and also my friends on Xbox LIVE : NoFluxes sanderson1 TheCdml vi0l xr4ym4nx xCryPlayer003x WiryAsassin xPROxEVFILx Amber Energy BLOODSHEDING Canibal2008 LintyKyuubi Extr4Cr1zb3y GAS FACE VICTIM guitarstar889 RAGS544 TheVelasquez MOST COMMON QUESTIONS : 1) What Happens when the zombies break the barrier, can we rapair it again ? - well 1st off : It depends on your luck. Sometimes it will rebuild perfectly and sometimes it will take a few tryes -2nd: Best thing to do is to just guard that window and not let the zombies destroy it. Once all of you have around 5000 + points go down with an elevator and buy the ''misterious crate'' and your bound to get better weapons. 3rd and the last : When your all down in the other room the zombies won't break the glass which is very helpfull.And after round 14-15 when u all upgrade your guns in the pack a punch you shuld go up and use this glitch. 2) Can the ''Weapon Thief'' get you ? -No. The weapon thief cannot get you while you'r on the table. He will stay on the edge like zombies. 3) How did you get those weapons ? -Well just guard the window untill round 5 and use the elevator to get down. Once you gain enough points just go to the ''Misterious Crate'' and try to get a better weapon. *You shuld leave you Colt (M1911) and upgrade it. Good Luck ! Don't forget to Rate and Subscribe ;D