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"Testimony" from Leap of Faith Limousine & Transportation Services

GM Repair Center of Roseville

***Customer Shuttle Available upon Request***
* Maintenance- Factory, Tune up, Timing Belts, fluids
* Tire Replacement/Repair
* Electrical/Driveability
* Engine Repairs/Overhaul
* Transmission/Repairs/Overhaul
* Differential
* Tune Up
* Fuel Injection
* Brakes
* Suspension
* Steering
* Diesel
* Complete Details
* Engine Compartment Steam Clean
* Wash and Wax
Open Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 5:30pm.

Why we're here:
We believe that there is a growing need for economical automotive repairs. Most people are keeping vehicles longer and are electing to repair vs replace as can be seen by new car sales numbers. Our overhead is low meaning that we can offer repairs often for much less than others. It is our goal to offer you the highest quality repair for the best price available. We are honest and fair. Our quality is top notch and we stand behind all of our work.

What to expect:
Repairs, maintenance and diagnostics done right the first time at a great price.

Type of Vehicles we work on:
Although we specialize in GM vehicles, we have expertise in all domestic and foreign products for repairs and maintenance. We also rebuild engines and transmissions and offer a 12 month 12,000 mile warranty on all repairs.

Getting here:
We are located on 424 Clinton Ave. We are in a large white shop located right behind Hertz Car Sales on Riverside Blvd. You can get there by turning on Darling Way off Riverside Blvd in the Old Roseville area. Riverside Pizza is on the corner. From that point, turn left immediately on Clinton Ave. We are on the left side at the top of the hill.
Part of the shop is occupied by Out of Bounds Ski and Marine, so you will see boats in the parking lot also. You are in the right place.
Pull into the second entrance and drive to the other end of the shop. The write up/office area is here. Leave your vehicle here and come inside.

Getting an appointment:
You can make an appointment on our appointment page, or call us at 916-773-3390. Although we prefer an appointment, you are welcome to drive up without one.

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GM Repair Center of Roseville "Testimonial" Automotive "Auto" Repair Scott Pollice

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