Major Nourhaghighi V. Israel & USA Assassinations in IRAN German


Uploaded on December 08, 2010 by MajorNourhaghighi

Major Nourhaghighi: An Iranian nuclear scientist has been killed by Mossad and/or the CIA and another wounded in two separate but similar terrorists attacks supported by Israel, UK & USA in Tehran. It has been said that moth victims were closely involved in Iran's controversial nuclear program. Their wives, who were travelling with them, were also injured. Iran's nuclear activities have always been mired in controversy. Tehran honestly says it wants to produce energy, but the West & USA maliciously and fraudulently misleading the World that Iran is trying to build a bomb to justify their robbery and felonies against Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan. Media in Iran say Israeli agents are behind today's attacks. How to Avoid Assassination by Israel Uk & USA? By Senior Safety Officer Major Nourhaghighi who has given tips and tricks in German, Persian, Italian , Arabic, Russian, English, French and Spanish سرگُرد نُورحقیقی نکات حفظ امنیّت جانی در مقابله با قاتلان حرفهءاسرائیل

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