Detector Truth Game - Electric Shock Lie,Shocking Liar


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Think you can beat the Shocking Liar Lie Detector? If not... you're in for a shock! SAVE BIG! Honesty is the best policy. You'll certainly be inspired to tell the truth when you're in the "hot seat" with the Shocking Liar! When you place your hand on the top plate of the Detector and take questions from others, the truth will set you free. Anything less... and ZZzzap! You'll soak up a safe-but-stinging shock that'll make you think twice before you fudge the facts again! They say the truth hurts, but a lie might just be worse. Can YOU handle the truth? Just the facts: Suction cup feet keep unit in place; VELCRO brand fastener strap holds hand safely in place; Includes 3 AAA batteries; Not suitable for pacemaker wearers or epilepsy sufferers. 6 1/4" diam., 3 1/4"h. 11 ozs. Recommended for ages 14 and up.; I cannot tell a lie... you should order today! Shocking Liar Lie Detector Game.

· One silver shocking liar device

· Suitable for ages 14 years and up

· Instructions Manual

· Requires 3 x "AA" batteries (included)

· Dimension: D 6.3" x H 3.5" inches

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Detector Truth Game, Shocking Liar, Electric Shock Lie
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