Allergic Reaction to Alcohol Symptoms and How to End Them


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If you have allergic reaction to alcohol symptoms you will experience a variety of negative symptoms other people with allergies to alcohol do.

The best way I can describe what allergic reaction to alcohol symptoms feels like is it feels like you are having a stroke. An alcohol allergy and its symtoms can be of varying severity from mild and uncomfortable, such as red face, congestion, and itchy skin to intense and dangerous such as trouble breathing and vomiting.

The reason for this reaction to alcohol consumption is the body does not produce enough of an enzyme called Aldehyde Dehydrogenase whose job is to break down alcohol. All of the allergic reaction to alcohol symptoms above, as annoying and even as dangerous as they can be, are ironically part of a condition called Asian Glow or Asian Girl Glow.

Nearly half of the Asian population has this condition which corroborates the idea that the alcohol allergy is indeed genetic. This explains why it is much more uncommon for Asians to be alcoholics as the alcohol allergy symptoms are so annoying as to ruin the enjoyment of alcoholic beverages.

When the body first breaks down alcohol it converts it into Acetaldehyde which chemically similar to Formaldehyde and is carcinogenic. Without the Aldehyde Dehydrogenase to break down the Acetaldehyde your body has carcinogens floating all around while you are getting a buzz.

If you do not want to quit drinking but you want to end the suffering there is one effective solution.

4-Methylpyrazole is a drug you can take but do you know what 4-Methylpyrazole is normally used for? Accidental poisoning by ingestion of radiator coolant or antifreeze and its side effects are the same as the symptoms of the Asian Glow itself!

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