The Truth About Arizona Bankruptcy Trustees


Uploaded on December 14, 2010 by bankruptcylawyeraz

This video is meant as an educational tool to assist people in Arizona considering or curious about the process of Bankruptcy in this state. Hopefully the information provided here will assist you in making a decision. We understand your uneasiness and are happy to help.

I'm Joseph C. McDaniel and I am a Board Certified Arizona Bankruptcy Attorney. My firm is a debt relief agency and I help both people and businesses file bankruptcies. If you're interested in filing a bankruptcy in Arizona or have questions, please call our firm at 602-297-3025 or visit my free Bankruptcy blog at and my website at

Just who IS the Bankruptcy trustee? What does the trustee want? Are my beanie babies safe?! Will they take my xbox?!? ARE MY COMIC BOOKS IN PERIL???

The truth might surprise you, helping you to better understand the proceedings that occur within a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and the essential role a Trustee plays in the process.

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