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Uploaded on December 14, 2010 by JustinTimeStudios

Its time for New Show that covers Education, Entertainment, Spirituality, News & Gossip. Which is a talk show setting where the host & featured guest sit and talk about important issues that need to be discussed in the world we live in. The Voice is a spin of an old show called Teen Summit but with a new age and creative twist. "The Voice" title was decided by Social Media users like yourself that wanted to have a show that can express our voice so that we all can be heard no matter our demographic are opinions. We wanted to start a show that the viewers could create, and have just as much hands on advice about the show as if it were our own. So please feel free to give constructive advice and it will be considered in decisions we make concerning the show. The host Justin Milburn is a fluent Spanish speaker from Houston, Texas that graduated college from Clark Atlanta University with a degree in TV/Film. With interviews from Stevie Wonder, Russell Simmons, Lisa Raye and experience from BET/MTV 2 he is well rounded and entertaining for the show. This show was created for you and by you so we will discuss topics that interest you. We will vote on various subject matters and which ever has the most votes will get aired. Total time of show is 10 min, and as time goes on we will make it longer. If you are someone you know has an interesting story that you believe is great for the show please contact us.

Thanks again for having a Voice and giving your own opinions..

God Bless you,

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