How to Make a NFL No-Sew Fleece Tie Blanket


Uploaded on December 17, 2010 by jandofabrics

J&O Fabrics shows you step by step on how to make a "NFL No-Sew Fleece Tie Blanket" What is great about this project is that you do not need to know how to sew! All you need is a couple yards of NFL Team fleece fabric and you can make you very own unique blanket.
What is a great about a No-Sew Fleece Tie Blanket as it is a perfect for kid and adult blankets. Grab some of your favorite NFL team fabric and make a blanket for your husband, boyfriend, brother, wife, girlfriend, mother or more. Watch this video and you will be able to make a blanket and will be surprised on how easy it was to do. For additional information on Fabrics, Crafts, Sewing and more visit our website

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