Fashion World Million COINS Hack - 24th Dec.AVI


Uploaded on December 22, 2010 by BraxtonKisha6499

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Step 1: Open fashion world on Facebook
Step 2: Open Cheat Engine . Find plugin-container.exe
Step 3: Scan the price of an item in game. For example : The red door which cost 31.000
Step 4: Some addresses will return. Double click on all those addresses. All of them will be displayed in the box below
Step 5: Double click the value of each line. Change the value to 1
Step 6: Open the other category and then return the Door Category (To refresh the price). U can see the price now has became 1 ^^
Step 7: Buy as many doors as u like.
Step 8: Store all of them. Change the value of all the lines to 99.999.999
Step 10: Drag the doors to the cashier on the bottom right of the screen. Congratulations! U has sold each door for 10mil. Repeat repeat until u get the amount of money u want
Credits: Svveetkiss

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