(HOW TO) Modern Warfare 2 Prestige Hack! AFTER Patch 1.0.9, B...


Uploaded on December 23, 2010 by MorrisDeidre5578

Download link: http://freefilego.com/AmyShuman14/hack
This tutorial is to show you how to hack Call of Duty - Modern Warfare 2. With this you will be able to prestige your account to any prestige. You can only start off as level 1, and you will only unlock the PRESTIGE titles and emblems.

You keep what you already have.

If you want me to do this for you:

$5 for 1 account
$10 for 5 accounts

Send the money as a gift to:

And include your PSN Email and Password (AND WHAT PRESTIGE YOU WANT) in special notes; also, PM me on YouTube.

Leave your PSN login info in the donation instructions, AND PM me on YouTube!!

This video will NOT be covering leaderboard hacking itself, as. that is a different tutorial. Do not ask me to make that tutorial. It will be available if it decides to become available.

I believe in the wellness of online gameplay - but I believe more in what companies promise their gamers. Don't be mad at the hackers, be mad at the companies. HSx9, who discovered this hack, told FourZeroTwo (executive @ InfinityWard) about this exploit, and FourZeroTwo simply brushed him off.

Now there's a price to pay. AFTER the exploit started being used by everyone, FourZeroTwo finally replied, by saying...

"Level gameplay is a first priority, following leaderboards and exploits."

So if gameplay is a first priority, and he doesn't care about leaderboards / exploits, then let the exploits roll.

"Now it's going to be impossible to fix this. You should have listened to me earlier."

"Nothing is impossible."

People can disagree with this whole process; as you can see, in this video, I took my account to the lowest prestige; so don't say stupid crap in my comments about me cheating.

This video is for educational purposes, and is basically for IW itself. //If there weren't any hackers, then things would be a lot worse. Keep that in mind.

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