Transformers Bumblebee Figure


Uploaded on December 24, 2010 by titis2008

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Having chosen to stay with Sam after the end of the battle for the AllSpark, BUMBLEBEE made arrangements to stay close to him at all times. Itâs been a pretty good deal. He gets regular detailing, and as much high-grade fuel as he needs. Plus, he gets to spend time with Sam and Mikaela. His vocal processors still arenât fully up to snuff, but he and his friends communicate just fine. If he ever misses the action of battle, he can always give IRONHIDE®* a call and go DECEPTICON®* hunting.
Get ready to roll out with this AUTOBOT® ally! This detailed BUMBLEBEE figure unleashes a launching pulse missile in robot mode and converts to a cool, Camaro concept car in vehicle mode! The battle is on and this bright yellow warrior is ready â are you?

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