Unusual Modes of Transportation - Great Attractions [HD]


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Take a tour of Unusual Modes of Transportation in Thailand – part of the World’s Greatest Attractions travel video series by GeoBeats.

In a world steered by agile vehicles and brisk speeds, there remains a part unconcerned with the fast lane.
Unknown to some and a part of life for others, a few unique forms of transportation are very much prevalent in today's society.
Many prior colonies today have an immense variety of classic cars which have been well kept and are still functional.
Tuk-tuks, found especially in some African and Asian countries, are extremely flamboyant motorized auto rickshaws of great use in places with high traffic.
Reminiscent of royal times in Indian history, a very popular means of transportation is the painted and decorated elephant.
In hot and arid deserts, where machines are unreliable, the most used transportation is the durable effective camel, aptly known as The kings of desert.
An older version of a plank boat; the reed boat was among the first kind of boat and still adorns the waters of many countries.

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