FilmFellas Cast 7: Trailer "Bad Reviews + Beautiful Stories" [HD]


Uploaded on December 28, 2010 by ZacutoFilms

FilmFellas Cast 7: Documentaries Trailer ~ "Bad Reviews + Beautiful Stories"
Feelings hurt? Negative Reviews? Documentary Film Cast 7 returns to discuss the aftermath of the filmmaking process. Millions of people can have cameras: only 10 of them can tell beautiful stories. To watch the full webisodic series please visit

FilmFellas Cast 7: Documentaries “Masters of Non-Fiction” features an award winning cast of Documentary filmmakers with David Grubin, the most decorated documentarian in history with 10 Emmys and numerous awards for groundbreaking series’ for PBS Television (The American Experience, The Jewish Americans, LBJ, RFK, FDR), Ondi Timoner 2009 Sundance Grand Jury Prize for We Live In Public & DIG and Sean Dunne, the next generation of web based documentarians and Sundance Official Selection for The Archive.

Steve Weiss
Ondi Timoner
David Grubin
Sean Dunne

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