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Millionaire City is a Facebook game developed by Digital Chocolate that lets players fulfill their dreams of becoming a millionaire in a virtual city. You get to plan what your city is going to look like, strategically place commercial buildings, add decorations and decide what contracts to fulfill to increase your net worth. This quick start guide will provide you with tips to get started playing Millionaire City.

A Millionaire's Tool

A businessman's day is busy and this game makes it easy for you to manage your city. You can use the screenshot below as reference as we go through each element within the interface.

Your progress bars are all on top, starting with the orange one at the left that indicates what level you are at and how many experience points you still need to reach the next one. Your wealth bars are on the right side. The green bar shows how much liquid you are in terms of millionaire dollars. Beside it is the number of millionaire gold you currently have. Your net worth is indicated in the top middle and if you click on your headquarters, it will show a run down of your company's value. Take note that everything (your buildings, land, gold and money) is translated into millionaire dollars for you.

There are five tools that you will be using throughout the game: Multi-Tool, Plots, Shop, Road and Destroy.

To do most of the activities, your multi-tool will be used to collect rent and earnings from your houses and commercial buildings; click through the other tools; and find out more information on your other buildings.

The Plot tool is needed to buy new land for you to build your structures. The Shop tool will let you purchase more buildings, decorations and wonders. The Road tool is self explanatory and good thing it is free so you can use this as much as you like. Lastly, the Destroy tool will remove anything you don't want to be seen in your city (except your headquarters). As of this writing you can't move things around so this tool is to be used when you need to organize your city.

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