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so im planning to get a lot of jtagged xboxs off of ebay and want to help the community by giving free 10th prestiges (or w/e prestige you want to go up to) and free challenge unlock. In order to get an invite to my lobby, follow these steps.
1. "Like" this video and sub to my channel
2. Comment on the video with your GAMERTAG.
Once you have installed it, wait for my updates. I will provide updates via the toolbar on when my next lobby is and other updates. I will also update it with a password to my lobby, which you will need to get into my lobby. More details in the toolbar on how you will get in!

Here are instructions/guidelines once you are in a lobby:
Challenge unlock is done by pressing up on the d-pad once you enter the game, and every single challenge will unlock giving you every camo, attachment, title, and emblem in the game. (Please do the challenge unlock AFTER your final prestige as I do not have time to invite you back if you were stupid enough to do challenges BEFORE prestiging) To prestige, just kill a person, leave the game, ten prestige. I will invite you back (ill make an xbox live party and see who isnt in the game). When you are back, repeat the process until you are 10th prestige. After you have completed your prestiges and challenges, PLEASE GET OUT. I can not host more than like 18 people at one time and my jtagged xbox WILL be banned in a timespan of a couple of hours. Thanks and good luck!

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