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Hey everyone I've just found a new site as well as a new guide on the internet. The good thing is that there is a free version and a paid version - I haven't checked them out yet but I can assure you that they will be 10 times better than that stupid Treasure Isle Secrets guide that I thought was great. The truth was that Treasure Isle Secrets was a complete joke filled with fluff and information that you could get by just reading the instructions - nothing new at all.

Anyway, here is an excerpt from the new Treasure Isle cheats blog:

"I designed Treasure Isle Cheats dot com, to help any individual who plays Treasure Isle and is looking for a walkthrough or any form of benefit while playing the game.

Over this website (Treasure Isle Cheats dot com), you will find quite a lot of strategies, advice and information designed to help you get through the isles earlier, level up earlier and ultimately gain more satisfaction from Treasure Isle.

For people who have no idea what Treasure Isle is, you can read my little sum-up below;

Treasure Isle is a pursuance game where you research exotic islands and hound for buried treasure! You'll earn experience points as you discover riches from lost civilizations and journey to colourful locations. After you have ended searching for the day, return to your own classified island holiday to take a break, unbend, pick your gems off the tree and your gold from your treasure chest. You can too grow your own fruit in your garden, pay a visit to friends on their isles and incessantly uprate your own island paradise.

You will notice that your main reward in Treasure Isle comes after you level up because this enables you to use better tools, unlock more maps and unlock more game-play options.

One of the reasons why you may have arrive here is because you are looking for reliable Treasure Isle cheats in order to progress faster and further in the game, for example;

-There are codes to have your treasure finding sessions last longer, instead of only being capable to go digging after you wait for your energy bar to replenish.

-You will be worn-out of waiting for neighbors to transmit you fruit, or see that you are not managing to find as much as you would like when you are digging throughout the islands.

-Does it suck, not having a good supply of gems?

That's when Treasure Isle Cheats will help you blow the game out of the water and really open up your eyes to the full capabilities of the Treasure Isle You will find contemporary techniques and find out new secrets that left you wondering how you could possibly have missed that! Although the game seems fundamental, there are many things that you can do that will shoot you higher up the levels more rapidly than you could have realised!

You will study a lot about Treasure Isle cheats here, plus I will take a glare at some of the tips and cheats that are floating around other parts of the web.

For the Most Kick Butt Treasure Isle Cheats Guide You Need To Check Out Treasure Isle Cheats dot com!

You could not go wrong with taking a look at Treasure Isle Hidden Facts. It's in an easy to read .pdf format and contains over 30 pages of Treasure Isle information! Filled with tactics, treasure item locations, coin guides, etc. This ebook is definitely essential for all Treasure Isle players who want to level up quickly and get ahead. To have you own version of this amazing guide, check out the url address below;

TIHF or Treasure Isle Hidden Facts dot com

Make sure to check out the Treasure Isle cheats website because there is just so much you will learn from the site alone, let alone the great Treasure Isle guide.

Just to let you know in advance, Treasure Isle cheats is planning on expanding its site to include Farmville and Froniterville cheats as well, so that will be good too!

Don't forget how useless you were at Treasure Isle before you read Treasure Isle Hidden Facts!"

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