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There's a new guide on the market that I'm sure you've seen by now. It's called Treasure Isle Secrets and it's claiming to provide a complete blueprint of Treasure Isle -- getting players through all the ins and outs of leveling. As you can imagine, I've gotten quite a few questions from my readers wondering if such a thing is legitimate. It turns out that the guide is in fact legit, but not just that -- it's actually quite good and is already helping quite a few players around the globe get better than they ever expected at a game that has always been deceptively complex. Let's take a closer look though and see what you'll gain from this guide.
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So, what comes in this 'revolutionary' new guide that has changed all the things we thought we knew about Treasure Isle and its various details. To start with, you're going to find a guide that doesn't pretend you've never played a game before. No, this is a guide written by a gamer who knows where we're coming from.
If you're a Treasure Isle gamer like myself, then you need to check out Treasure Isle Secrts. This is a fantastic guide that is going to change how you play the game forever.

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