Uncovering the Pay Per View Traffic Source


Uploaded on January 05, 2011 by Offervault

This week we will be covering the strategy of Pay Per View (PPV). Many affiliates drive massive amounts of traffic using this method and when done properly you can see very high ROI as well. To present on this topic I managed to get Gauher Chaudhry to be our presenter. Gauher is one of the original PPC super affiliates, but he got into PPV early on and he literally coined the term PPV. There is no doubt that he is the top affiliate expert when it comes to PPV traffic. Gauher knows these techniques inside out (in fact he invented many of them) and uses them himself to drive traffic to his campaigns. He will be demonstrating what PPV is and how you can use it to drive traffic to your offers, which PPV networks to work with, strategies for testing and finding the best offers for PPV as well as keyword and URL strategies to find the right targeted traffic.

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