Cheat Engine Cheat on Ninja Saga on Facebook.


Uploaded on January 09, 2011 by MossRosa9224

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A discovered cheat found by me. *new rules from 04/02/10*
1.Open up cheat engine up firefox( mabye internet explorer )
3. put it on the process list
4.type in your money you have now
5.get a few addresses
6.sell anything(preferably a kunai
7.change exact value to :increased value by
8.put in 125
10.get one address(if you still have more look for one that says the money you have right now).
11.take it down to the bottom bar by double clicking it
12.double click on the value
13.change it to what ever you want
14.go into differant room (after comments i recieved, you can go into any room) should have the money
16. mabye be careful about buying weapons try ninjitsu.
17. after you go off the money will have dissapeared...

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