Entropia Universe Fruit Hack


Uploaded on January 10, 2011 by AlicaPenfold3345

download file here : http://fastfilespot.com/Micha02/entropia

As some of you may know, there has been a fruit bug in entropia universe that allowed people to pick up the same fruit over and over again.
The reason this worked was because you could pick it up as many times as you wanted until the server reacted and removed the fruit from your client.

This bug has, however, been fixed for most of the items (they added a delay to when you picked things up. This way, the fruit is gone before you can pick it up again).
The reason a lot of people abused this and didn't get banned is because Mindark has no security control on fruits!
The whole fruit thing on a deeper level works as follows; your client finds the fruit and picks it up, the client then sends a message to the server that you've found fruit. The server then responds accordingly by sending you fruit. All from a single command line.
I have found this command string and made a program that tells your client to send messages to the server that you've found fruit, and since the server has no checks on fruits it will send your client fruit ingame.

The program will send a lot of command lines to the server telling it that you found fruit, and you will end up a fruit millionaire! :)
I have personally withdrawn a lot of PEDs that i got through this program and I have never gotten banned!
But on popular demand I have decided to make my hack public for everyone to enjoy! =)

This is only to prove the vulnerability of the system so that they may be able to fix it.
Use the program and make sure to have fun!

P.S. make sure to turn off "other messages", because slow computers can crash if flooded by "picked up xx fruit" messages. (The fruit is still there though, so it's not harmfull in any way if you don't turn it off.)

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