How to Be Successful with Facebook Advertising

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*******www****biz**** Facebook is the most visited website in the world and is fast becoming the advertisi...
*******www****biz**** Facebook is the most visited website in the world and is fast becoming the advertising medium of choice for companies wanting to successfully market consumer products and services online. With more than 550 million Facebook users logging on and spending an average of 40 minutes online per day, it's no wonder. Couple that with the ability to target demographics by age, relationship status, birthday, gender, interests, and more, and you can no longer afford to ignore the potential. Since 2002 NetBiz, a multi-million dollar Internet marketing firm based in Portland, Oregon, has helped 75,000+ customers improve their online marketing. Now we have developed a Facebook marketing strategy that will effectively and cost-efficiently reach millions of people interested in your products, build your brand awareness, and sell your products and services in a highly targeted way. Here are the steps to claiming your share of the expansive Facebook market. 1. The first thing you need is a Facebook Fan Page. This page is the platform by which you share news about your business and most importantly capture Fans -- people who "like" your company, products, or services. Once people "like" your Fan Page, their Facebook friends are automatically notified via their newsfeeds. Given that the average Facebook user has 130 friends, 1,000 Fans of your own means you reach 130,000 Facebook users who see that their friends like your company, thereby increasing the likelihood that they will, too. This is extremely important for your campaign's long-term marketing strategies. 2. Next, we'll demographically target your Facebook ad campaigns. For example, in the case of a martial arts school, we may identify a preliminary market comprised of people 18 and older who are interested in martial arts, ultimate fighting, etc. Your ad campaign specialist researches the music, reading, movie interests and various other "likes" of your market to ensure your ads are highly targeted to reach the maximum number of potential clients. Your NetBiz specialist will maximize your ad dollars by narrowing the responsive demographic, so your ad spend reaches those people most interested in you. 3. Then we will ask you or your webmaster to place a Facebook "Like Button" on your website. It's fast and easy and we'll supply you with everything you need. 4. Finally, we will create the graphics and advertising text according to Facebook ad specifications and launch your Facebook Ad Campaign. We generally recommend a 3-Ad Approach: Ad 1: Brands your company and directs users to your website to stimulate online sales. Ad 2: Promotes your product or service with a value add proposition. Ad 3: Stimulates fan base growth by directing users to your Fan page. We manage your Facebook Ad Campaign daily - specifically we monitor your ad-generated activity, look for any demographic shifts, and adjust ad text/graphics and ad frequency to ensure maximum exposure. Each month you will receive a full report that includes essential information about your ad campaign, including: Total Number of Impressions Social Interaction Percentage (how many times a Fan's friend liked your page) Click-Through to Website Rate Number of Clicks to Fan Page Daily Click Graph After reviewing your report, we will work together to make adjustments to meet your expectations and goals. You have now captured all of these consumers' demographics and received permission to market on their Facebook Wall. You can market new products, services, events, promotions, etc. We will continually advise you about using these demographics for viral marketing purposes (getting your Fans' friends to like your Fan page). Okay, so Facebook users see your ad and click on it. Now what? Visitors to your Fan Page should be greeted with an interesting welcome or landing page that entices them to take further action. Once you've captured their interest, you can continue marketing to them on an ongoing basis. There are no contracts when you work with NetBiz -- we offer our services on a month-to-month basis. Your success is our success; we will work hard for you every step of the way. For more information about NetBiz Facebook Ad Campaigns, visit us at *******www****biz****