Magic Toyota Scion / INXS Inc. Complaint Free


Uploaded on January 13, 2011 by magictoyota1

TOOK TIME TO EXPLAIN EVERYTHING! I went in for a simple service at Magic Toyota and WOW!!! They took the time to explain everything they did to my car...They even opened my hood and pointed out every piece they replaced and serviced!!! I have never experienced this at any of the other local Toyota dealerships. Magic Toyota is my new home for SERVICE.

MAGIC TOYOTA WAS GREAT!!! Best Car Buying Experience By Peter - Oct 27, 2009 I shop both Lake City Toyota and Magic Toyota. Magic Toyota was great! Wow, what a difference!!! I got the biggest run around and no offer of a discount from Lake City Toyota.. When we got to Magic Toyota in Edmonds they were wonderful!!! They found the exact Prius for us from Oregon and they even gave us a great deal on the Prius!!!

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