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The Legendary Sound of Bahia -- As Paloma Gomes shows in her genuine and spirited samba song "Canta Bahia", vitality, indulgence and music are elementary characteristics of the "brazil" lifestyle. The music clip was filmed in Salvador and São Félix da Bahia (Brazil). The Centro Cultural Dannemann of the correspondent small cigar and cigarillo producing company shown in the music clip is situated in the region Reconcavo baiano.

Paloma Gomes was born in 1984 in Candeal, one of the poor areas of Salvador da Bahia, a sprawling Brazilian city of millions. Growing up in a typical Afro-Brazilian family in modest circumstances, she had responsibility thrust upon her at a very early age. Like many others in this part of the world, Paloma found hope and confidence in music (brazilian music). Paloma Gomes really does live samba and before long she sang herself into people's hearts. The Canta Bahia clip gives viewers a memorable glimpse of Paloma Gomes' world, allowing them to share in the magic of Brazilian music.

Many listeners also refer to Canta Bahia as latin dance or lounge music but originally it is pure samba music and clearly distinct from various other latinamerican music styles as, for example, Salsa, Merengue, Cha Cha Cha.

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