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Ninja Warz, a newer addition to the Facebook gaming experience. Although similar to some of the Facebook staples like Mafia Wars, the game does not fit neatly into any of Facebook's traditional online game categories. The basic premise of the game is to acquire a team of ninjas within the ninja village under the player's control. Players then need to recruit, train and arm these ninjas until they can successful attack and defeat other ninja villages.6

When starting gameplay, the first task is to select from one of three Ninja clans: Lotus, Fire and Shadow. Each of the three clan types offer differing sets of strengths, weaknesses and skill types. As players advance through the clan levels, belt colors change to indicate their progress.7

Players can sign up to play Ninja Warz either on the Facebook site or on the the Ninja Warz website, which runs independently from Facebook. Alternately, if there is a Facebook friend of yours who is currently active in playing Ninja Warz, he or she may invite you to join, or at least can provide you with access to beginning the game. There is no fee to play the Ninja Warz game.

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