GTA 4 ProVehivcleMod V 1.0.1. + FREE DOWNLOAD


Uploaded on January 14, 2011 by AngelinaBenard1740

Download file here:

Now save your custom game mode into a free slot in your File Share.

The second thing you will need to do is turn Combat Training in Search and Destroy
1. Go to Private Match, and go to Playercard, click File Share and load your Custom game you made.
2. Now go to Edit Game Options and Press square and save it in the same slot of your custom game.
3. Now switch the lobby to Combat Training.
4. Click switch lobby and hover over Private Match, click B (BACK) when you have done this.
5. Now go to Playercard and go to File Share, now go the your custom Game Type and Hover over "Load Game"
6. Once your hovering it, Press (A) to load the game and then start pressing a rapidly until the lobby says combat training!
7. You should now see the Combat training Game Type is the custom game type you made earlier.

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