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//// Kingdoms of Camelot Starter Guide \\\\
what to do first?When you start you will be sent through a mini tutorial on how to build items, complete quests and train troops. Complete the tutorial and you will be left inside your city ready with a blank canvas.Interface -The top Shop, Quests, My Items etc buttons are self explanatory.Tabs: At the top right of the game you will see the tabs City, Field, Map and Court. To start off with you will only have to worry about the City and Field.Inventory: Your Gold, Food, Wood, Stone and Ore reserves are shown on the top bar. Hovering your mouse over these will show you how much you use per hour and how much your city is collecting per hour.Level: This is your level, the more might you gain, the higher your level increases.Might: How powerful you are. All your troops, defences, wall/castle level make up your might. The bigger your army = higher might. Good for judging how experienced other player cities are.City Buildings -To start off with you will want to build:*6-7 Cottages*5-10 Barracks*Alchemy Lab*Storehouse*WatchtowerAnd then one of each remaining Buildings as and when you need them. Marketplace and Tavern should be last on your list, as you shouldn't really need these, if at all.Field Buildings -The Field tab is where you will gain resources apart from Gold.To start with you have 13 Fields available. You should Build:*4x Farms*3x Sawmill*3x Mine*3x QuarryAs you level up your castle, you gain an extra 3 Fields. You should not build anymore Farms in these slots as can you get plenty of food when you start attacking Barbarian Camps. Concentrate on Mines and Sawmills, with a few Quarries'.Army -As you start to gain a steady supply of Resources in-between Building/Upgrading Buildings you can start to build up an army. You will want to start of creating Archers as these are the main troops you will be using.Supply Troops will also be needed, these Supply troops will carry loot from cities you attack back toy your own city.You should aim for around 500 of each Archer and Supply Troops before we begin your first attack.Defenses -On your wall you can build defences, on and around it. Until you are high level enough to build Wall Mounted Miniclip Cross Bows, you should start making some Caltrops, these help slow down any attackers.You should aim to build Cross Bows, Caltrops and Spiked Barriers together for the best defence.Make sure you keep your Wall levelled up to the same or higher level of your Castle.Levelling Buildings & Alchemy Lab Research -When you have finished Building the buildings you need, you can start levelling them up. Barracks, Wall, Alchemy Lab, Cottages and your Fields will be the main ones to start with.In the Alchemy Lab you should start researching Fletching, Mining, Stoneworking, Fertilizer, Logging and then the rest as and when you can.Attacking -Once you have over 500 Archers and Supply Troops, you will need to build a Rally Point if you don't already have one. This will allow you to send your troops out to attack.You can start attacking Level 1 Barbarian Camps (Computer Controlled Camps).You will need an idle Knight to attack with, Knights are any of your Friends who have already or play Kingdoms of Camelot as well. You can select which Friend you want to use as a Knight when you have built your Knights Hall.Once you have your army and knight, you can go to the Miniclip Map tab, find a nearby Level 1 Barbarian Camp and Attack it with a minimum of 500 Supply Troops and 500 Archers as long as you have learnt the 1st level in Fletching in your Alchemy Lab, otherwise you may need more troops. Each time you have a successful attack, you will gain some resources, including a massive pile of food!Conclusion -Keep advancing your Buildings and learn as much as you can in the Alchemy Lab. Build up your army with more and more troops and you will be able to attack higher level Barbarian Camps and then eventually other players! It does take a lot of work and time at first to build up your city, but ...

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