NWOBHM - Ricochet - The Blue Eyed Beggar (2010)


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In 1980 Ricochet (one of the founders of NWOBHM) released a single called ‘Midas Light’, which has been acclaimed as the ‘Holy Grail’ of rock singles. Thirty years later it still rocks and in now an all time NWOBHM classic. Thirty years later the band have reformed and written their next single ‘The blue eyed beggar and the teenage captain’ also known just as ‘The blue eyed beggar’. Like ‘Midas light’ it has a unique feel with a very catchy chorus. This new song epitomises the Ricochet sound and feel which is unique on many levels. As usual the lyrics are strong, the lead guitar special and the overall impact is compulsive. The song was written in 3 hours and has inspired the band to write a new album and also to do selective live performances (e.g. European festivals). The band is making all their material available free, so if you like it pass it on and share. Music should be free. Great music should be mandatory. The blue eyed beggar is coming….There are 2 versions of Midas Light (with different middle eights) 1980 and 2000. To find out more go to the bands website at www.midaslight.com.

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