NWOBHM - Ricochet - Midas Light (2000)


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In 1980 Ricochet recruited a new singer, Geoff Sewell and the bands final line-up was cemented. In the same way you couldn't imagine Aerosmith without Steve Tyler, you couldn't imagine Ricochet without Geoff 'blue eyed' Sewell. His first contribution to the band was a new song called 'Midas Light', which was recorded as a single and used to secure the bands tour of Germany. Only 500 copies were pressed (all of which have been sold around the world, some on ebay for $1000). The song was bootlegged on a Japanese NWOBHM CD and then re-recorded by the band in 2000 and released on the 'Singles' CD (this version -- which has a different middle eight). It has become an all time classic in the NWOBHM circles and due to the Internet has millions of downloads on the torrent sites. The band has never made a penny from this song and is just happy that is has been so well accepted. Enjoy it and let your kids and grand kids enjoy. To find out more go to the bands website at www.midaslight.com.

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