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dhobi ghat movie story-Kiran Rao's Dhobi Ghat online-desi.bestmoviesclub-Indian cinema live
"I was fortunate enough to catch a screening of the movie at the London Film Festival and to be absolutely honest, I am completely bitten by the festival bug. It’s a very special feeling to be sitting and watching a movie with a group of people who appreciate and honor quality cinema, but what makes watching a movie at a festival truly special is that it allows the audience the rare opportunity to interact with the director. This enables the audience to better understand the underlying motives and inspirations that helped make a germ of an idea into a 70mm reality. When asked about what inspired her to make Dhobi Ghat, Kiran started with the expected answer that she wanted to make a movie that explored the different dimensions of Mumbai. But apart from that, she said her true inspiration behind the making of the movie came from the fact that most of the houses in Mumbai come with very short-term lease agreements, which makes it virtually impossible for people to stay at one place for a long duration. She talked about how she wondered if she could write a story about a person who would be forced to move around to different parts of Mumbai (as a result of short-term lease agreements) and resultantly discover or for want of a better word, “rediscover” Mumbai.
And thus was born the story of Arun (Aamir Khan). Arun is shown to be a reclusive painter who has spent a fair amount of time in one of the many urban localities of Mumbai. Upon finding out that the lease on his current house will soon expire, he starts looking for a place in Old Mumbai where he wouldn’t be bothered to deal with lease agreements. Once settled, he finds an unusual company in the form of a set of old videotapes that were left behind by the ex-tenant of the house. The tapes belonged to one Yasmeen, a small-town girl from Uttar Pradesh who upon her marriage shifted to Mumbai. The tapes are recorded in the form of “letters” to her brother Imraan. Arun is fascinated with the tapes and finds himself drawn to the world of Yasmeen, and as Yasmeen shares her experiences in Mumbai with Imraan, Arun too finds himself reconnecting with Mumbai. A digitized phantom of a small-town girl not only helps Arun to reconnect with the beauty of a city he had lost his love for, but it also reveals a Mumbai so romanticized by the innocence of Yasmeen that makes it nigh impossible for even the reclusive Arun to not experience it first-hand. The recluse is taken out of his self-proclaimed confinement, and the city beats for him. Again."

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