Amazon Code Generator. No Survey Just CODES!!!


Uploaded on January 17, 2011 by gamehackscentral

Amazon code Generator. No survey Just CODES!!! 11/01/2010. JANUARY!!

Hey Youtube. I have created a generator with an algorithm programmed into it that creates a GIFT CARD code HOW THIS WORKS: = : I have cracked the Amazon Gift code center and have come up with an algorithm that SOLVES theAmazon Markeplace code redeemer. It has based it on the trends of codes that are being made and used today and it will generate codes based on that formula. This works because i have gathered several codes and ESSENTIALLY CRACKED the code that Amazon used to make their own codes. How does this work if theres no one to ACTIVATE it? There are websites who give away Amazon codes for prizes and such. . This takes those codes which ARE activated and gives them to you. Its easy. Download it here and see for yourself!!
Download --
Virus scan --

Enjoy! Would love 5 star and fav if you downloaded. Maybe a comment or two?

If you do not click a bubble, it will give you a 1$ code. Have fun and your welcome!

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