WoW Game Card Generator 3.3.5 Updated on Jan 18, 2011


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The REAL Original WoW Game Card Generator!

You would like to read this so you can understand how it works (much has changed from the first creation of the video)

First of all, this is not an actual keygenerator (as the ones you use for pirated games).

What it does is it exploits a XSS vulnerability on Blizzard's site, and basically retrieves and deletes the 4 keys from their database that are "relatives" with the 1 valid key used.

When i say "relatives" this is what I mean:
Most people think that keys are randomly generated and then introduced in their database. What actually happens is that most of the digits of the game card are randomly generated, but not all of them.

This is what made this generator possible.

The 2nd bracket of the key is generated by an algorithm that gives information regarding the date and batch of the key.

Blizzard's card creator makes 5 cards a second, and this is why 5 cards are "relatives".

This enables us to use blizzard's own cards at their own game.

You wont have to worry about the safety of your account, because the keys get deleted from Blizzard's database.

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