Ultra Records: Destination Calabria

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Uploaded on May 16, 2007 by wiredset

Alex Gaudino feat. Crystal Waters - Destination Calabria
Who ever thought a marching band could be so hot – and sexual! Leave it to Ultra Records to make it steamy. “Destination Calabria,” the new single from Alex Gaudino featuring Crystal Waters, is a saxophone heavy song that will definitely get your butt shaking. If the song doesn’t send waves of rhythm through your body, the video will certainly get your heart pumping. You have girls in incredibly short skirts and panties that don’t cover much standing in lines – bending over rhythmically while their red-painted lips are closed around shiny, gold saxophones and trumpets. Their midriff-showing tops barely cover their bountiful chests as they wiggle around to the infectious beat. For more, head on over to http://www.ultrarecords.com/ and step into the music.

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