British Military: Now You See Us, Now You Don't


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By 2013, the British army may disappear. By tweaking the technology used in ebook readers, defense contractor BAE Systems is developing ‘invisible’ tanks. BAE is pretty tight-lipped about the program- but here’s what we know.

“Electronic sensors attached to a tank’s hull will project images of the surrounding environment back onto the outside of the vehicle. Now unlike conventional camouflage, these images will change with the changing environment.”

This isn’t the first time the idea of invisible military machines has hit the headlines-Technabob points out- the “Black Fox Stealth System” surfaced in June 2010

And a majority of those commenting on this latest news of invisible tanks are skeptical. One DailyTech reader says- it sounds cool, but will it actually work?

“How does it know what angle someone is looking at the object … from? [Will] they have some way to make sure that people only ever view the vehicle directly from [the] side, or is this going to be a more vague kind of camouflage that just roughly represents the world around it?”

TMCnet interviewed a BAE researcher to find out- how will the tank hide from devices that detect heat? BAE says it is trying to figure out how to capture the water from the engine exhaust and send it to the tank’s surface. It would then evaporate- cooling the tank’s surface like sweating. But that’s not all.

“Rather than just hiding the vehicle's heat signature, though, the researchers want to be able to move water over the tank's body very quickly and create specific shapes. Individual composite tiles could be switched on and off and used like pixels to depict simple shapes, the company claims. ‘You can make it look like a Ford Focus, or you can have the shape of a cow, says [a BAE researcher]”

On Fox News’ Red Eye, panelists said “ebook technology” and “advanced military operations” aren’t a reliable combo. One guest suggests- BAE should start with something simple.

“Why didn’t they start with invisible aircraft? I mean that I think would be easy: just make it blue. Whereas I feel like this is never going to work with a tank where you’re going to see something moving and hear it but you won’t know what the heck it is.”

BAE Systems says new tanks can run on battery power for a short period of time- which means- no engine rumbling. Finally- we’ll leave you with an exclusive preview of the new tank, courtesy of Atlanta’s WAGA.

“In case you’re still confused, we’ve created a picture with the new tank in action. This is what it might look like.”

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