Cam Gigandet To Star in ClickR Nation! Check It Out!


Uploaded on January 20, 2011 by markhaefeliprod

"Burlesque" "Twilight" Co-Star & Star of the soon to be released "Priest" "The Roommate" & "Trespass"

CAM CIGANDET is now the new lead in "THE NEW CLICKR NATION"

A new social movement has erupted in the health, beauty, & skincare world with the emergence of movie star Cam Ciganet, as the first male spokesperson for a line of skin care products.

The star of the upcoming releases, "Priest", "The Roommate", & "Trespass", intends to lead the "clickR Nation" to greater awareness, a more secure future, and a social position of participation and unification for all "clickR Citizens". Cam wants all of the clickR Nation followers to rally for the cause of a healthier self-esteem and sharing news and information that is exclusive to the populis. Gigandet wants everyone to know that each individual, can build the "clickR Nation", together, with their input and participation, so one world, one nation, can rid itself of unhealthy skin.

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