SICK Spinning No Scope!!! -- Call of Duty 4. 2011


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1) Have a friend to invite you to a theatre lobby.
2) You friend will then have to switch between player match and theatre mode
as fast as they can.
3) Tell your friend to do that until you get a black loading screen.
4) It should show you that youre searching a player match, stay in there until the errors come up.
5) Press B or circle twice when you see the error, now you should be in the Multiplayer menu.
6) Go to Local and then Systemlink then create a class.
7) Edit a class and hover over gold camo on any gun.
8) Tell your friend to back out and you should get the error saying that the game session is no longer available, you should be in player match now.
9) Switch the lobby to private match and create your classes
10) Start up the private match, move around and shoot the gun, then end it.
11) Go into a public match and get 1 kill or 1 death. Then leave the game and all of your classes should be saved

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