2011 Facebook Account Hacker - HACK FACEBOOK PASSWORD Downloa...


Uploaded on January 27, 2011 by ShanekaPradhan4635

Download from here : http://filingupload.com/Matias90612/penguin
This brand new Facebook Hack is raising comments in every corner of the planet. Easiest to use hack ever, doesn't rely on password retrieving but in a vulneravility recently found by elite hackers. Facesnoop quick and easily patches Facebook login in memory just like a videogame hack. Using 7 chained proxies Facesnoop allows you total privacy on your quest. Fast, easy and 100% effective, Facesnoop also allows you to protect your account from being hacked. This is achieved by adding your account to the Shield List®. If anybody else is trying to hack your account Facesnoop will first check if your account is protected. If this is the case, login to your profile will be denied to hackers. But this also means that the more people protect their accounts, the lesser the possibilities to hack accounts. It's easy, it's fast and now it's yours!

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