Rivalspot.com Unveils Service for Premium Online Sports Gaming C


Uploaded on January 27, 2011 by Art Cohen

Rivalspot.com is a social gaming network that connects you with players from around the world for intense competition through your Xbox or PS3. <br />Rivalspot is a persistent online environment that builds a new level of realism into your games. Create a profile and participate in a community of thousands of other sports fans. Play against the best players from around the world to build your skills in online games and then set up tournaments to test your abilities. We support all of the hottest titles from EA sports, bringing you to a huge audience of potential rivals. So as the minutes tick down, you will know how it feels to dogfight through the last seconds of an NHL powerplay... make a perfect pass in a world cup match...slam dunk like Michael Jordan... throw a left hook like Sugar Ray Leonard... or make the pass that scores your team a winning touchdown. All this from the comfort of your own home. Challenge your rival to a match he won’t forget - our automatic system keeps track of all your wins and achievements. Play for free or participate in our cash games where you can win big prizes and rewards: http://rivalspot.com<br />Bring the game with you. Play for more, play with Rivalspot!

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