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“Obviously we’ve got the Playstation Phone here. We won’t bore you with the details here.” (Engadget)

Whoa! Did you see that? Uh -- I’m not bored. Did you say, Playstation coming to my Android? Fill me in.

Geeks and Techies are all abuzz across the blogosphere -- from Engadget, iT0uchStuff, PC World, CNET and Bloomberg.

First to Engadget, which broke the story of the Playstation phone long ago, to jeers from skeptic geeks saying prove it. Engadget did -- and is gloating now about what’s being called the Experia Play Phone. Problem is, the prototype isn’t fully locked and loaded yet.

“Our prototype didn’t come with many apps, except its own notorious Playstation pocket app. As you can see, there are still no games here. And there doesn’t seem to be a way to download it yet.”

Well that’s disappointing. Hmmmm...maybe not. Kid blogger iT0uchStuff says you can’t keep a good geek down.

“There are no games that could be downloaded. So instead, Engadget went and downloaded a couple of emulators from the Android store. And they tried them out, and the worked pretty smoothly. They had some Super Mario Brothers 4 on it.”

Now hold on here says PC World. Before we get all atwitter about this device, what is it we’re really looking at?

“We're not looking at actual PlayStation hardware here... Engadget wasn't able to test any actual PlayStation games,...According to Engadget, the games they tested ran ‘pretty well,’ but then we're talking ancient software. What this all means for full bore PSP games, if there's even that option, remains to be seen.”

Because of that, CNET notes, so far this is not as cutting edge as it seems.

“First, Sony will begin with original PlayStation 1 games, not the latest titles for newer hardware. Second, phones will require the newest ‘Gingerbread’ release of Android, version 2.3. And third, hardware makers must sign up for the PlayStation Certified license. And as is increasingly common in the world of Android, there will be another app store to reckon with.”

But Sony President Jack Tretton tells Bloomberg, while this may not be an entirely state of the art undertaking, it is a major departure meant to unseat rival Nintendo.

“This is an opportunity to go to where casual gamers are emerging, introduce them to the PlayStation brand and maybe migrate them back to a more sophisticated device down the road.”

The company will reveal more details about the portable player in June at the annual E3 game conference in Los Angeles, he said. So what do you think? Expedite the Expedia experience? Or slow down Sony and get it right?

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