Slow Down, Music Video, Rock


Uploaded on January 29, 2011 by Blue Turner Blue Turner: Songwriter. A funky rock R&B song with a killer organ solo & slap bass guitar. Beautiful female vocal performance with tons of harmonies.This video shows the trials & tribulations of the everyday working man & woman. Featuring a montage of cityscapes with high rises & people rushing trying to beat the the clock to make a living. A quick shower; coffee & toast for breakfast, grab your keys & you run off to work. Men & women wearing business suits earning a dollar. Traffic jams with cars & buses. Planes, subways, elevators & escalators crowded with workers in search of the almighty buck. Shot in black & white, the office scenes feature phones, faxes, computers & the stock market. Not only all walks of life making money, but spending stacks of cash gambling, blackjack, roulette, slot machines, drinking, laughing & having a good time.

Motion, Ride, Machines, Jam, Breakdance, Dancing, Days, Make, Living, Time, Getaway, Back, Up, Will, Minutes, Forty, Hours, Bills, Pay, Overtime, Places, Draw, Line, Limit, Pressure, Wages, Go, Lose, Mind, Shirts, Tie, Pen, Paper, Hands, Communicate, Write, Staple, Talk, Marketing, People & Stories
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