Read Between the Lies, Music Video, Country Ballad


Uploaded on January 29, 2011 by Blue Turner Blue Turner: Songwriter. This traditional country ballad features Debbie Davis on vocals, from her "I'll Get Back To You" CD. The story line follows a young woman missing her man, who is working on the road. He sends her letters, expressing how he can't wait to get back home to her. But, she knows that he's cheating on her, because she has caught him lying to her about previous affairs before. Her undying love for him compels her to make believe he being faithful & read between the lies, in his letters.

Cherish, Choose, Fancy, Prize, Treasure, Anticipate, Aspire, Assume, Await, Believe, Contemplate, Desire, Faith, Pray, Presume, Suppose, Surmise, Suspect, Trust, Wish, Imagine, Imitate, Impersonate, Masquerade, Mimic, Playing, Playact, Portray, Pose, Act, Cheating, Fling, Immorality, Music & Dance
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