Ferndale Home Inspector (King of the House) Lag Screws and Decks


Uploaded on January 31, 2011 by S.L. Smith

This video, produced by Steven L. Smith of King of the House Home Inspection in Bellingham,WA, explains the safety benefits of properly anchoring a deck, balcony or porch ledger board to the exterior wall of a building. The content is intended, primarily, for those people who wish to upgrade/retro-fit an existing structure.

1. This information DOES NOT apply to decks and similar structures at manufactured or mobile homes. Typically, such landings must be free-standing.

2. Lag screws/bolting has been the traditional means of properly attaching a ledger board for many years. However, some builders and jurisdictions now prefer, and encourage, "through-bolting" -- where bolts with accompanying nuts extend through the ledger board and the building's framing. In most circumstances, at an existing structure, the installation of lag screws is easier to accomplish and less invasive than "through bolting."

3. This video is not a treatise on all elements of deck construction or design. All work should be performed by experienced and qualified parties. Work to comply with all applicable local jurisdictional guidelines or codes.

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