Google Stings Bing to Prove Copying

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Transcript by Newsy****. BY KELSEY WAANANEN You're watching multisource tech video news analysis from Ne...
Transcript by Newsy****. BY KELSEY WAANANEN You're watching multisource tech video news analysis from Newsy. Its a story rife with allegations of theft -- and a game of Google said, Bing said. "Google is firing some serious accusations at the search engine Bing today. Google says Bing is copying its search results. It says it did some tests to prove it. Microsoft, which owns Bing, denies copying anything from Google." (ABC) Those "tests" were really what Google calls a “sting operation”, put into effect to confirm its suspicions that Bing was stealing Google’s secret formulas. Mashable reports, Google created fake results for misspelled words users would never search. When these same results started showing up on Bing -- Google cried foul. But CNN reports, not only isn’t Bing phased by the so-called sting -- it’s taking the high road. “Bing did not deny that it took Google into account when producing its own search results, but suggested they were only one factor among many... [Bing vice president Harry Shum] shrugged off Google's sting as ‘a creative tactic by a competitor, and we'll take it as a back-handed compliment.’” Jameson Berkow of London’s Financial Post puts Google on the spot for being so up in arms- asking, “How can the company which makes its information public be upset about ‘stealing?’” “Considering the Google business model is one of open-source access to its products - lest we forget smartphone makers the world over can access the immensely valuable Google Android platform entirely for free - the company’s outrage over this issue is perhaps difficult to understand. The words childish and juvenile have been tossed around quite liberally in various online commentaries on the story …” CBS’ Larry Dignan says, keep in mind --- in this age of technology, everything is copied to some extent. Here he lists several examples showing that even Google’s ideas came from somewhere. But in the bigger picture, Dignan says this dispute means Google sees a valid competitor in Bing. “There's no way Google would give a rat's ass how its public results were being used if it wasn't worried about Bing ... “ On a similar note Business Insider’s Dan Frommer gives Microsoft credit where credit is due --- at least it’s trying to copy the best. “Yes, it's embarrassing how Microsoft got caught -….Yes, it's even more humiliating knowing that Microsoft burns about half a billion dollars a quarter on Bing, only to find out that some of that ‘investment’ is developing the ‘copy Google’ part of the algorithm. But it's actually not stupid. Because, let's admit it, everyone copies everyone. So if you're going to copy, at least copy the best, no?” So what do you think? Is Bing taking a fake swing at the search engine thing? Or -- doth Google protest too much? Get more multisource video news analysis from Newsy.