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Universal Wellness through Meditation, Yoga and Holistic Healing for Health and World Peace is possible through "Guru Siyag Siddha Yoga" method.
Because this method is totally different from all other prevailing forms of Meditation, Yoga and Holistic Healthy methods.
1. Totally Non-commercial.
2. Anyone Can Access, Learn and follow it at his/her Home, from anywhere in the World.
3.Because Guru Siyag offers this Divine Knowledge through Video Clips.
4. These Video Clips known as "Guru Siyag Siddha Yoga Online Initiation by Mantra Video" are available on the internet for Free.
5.Anyone can get "Shaktipat" or Transmission of Spiritual Power from Guru Siyag through these Videos.
6. This method gives gives practical results, just like a modern science experiment.
7. So simple that even a Child can follow it.
World's one and only method of activating or awakening the inner Power known as Kudalini, through Transmission of Power from Enlightened Empowered Guru Siyag, using a Video clip.
Guru Siyag offers this Divine Supreme knowledge totally free of charge.
Guru Siyag awakens the Kundalini through Shaktipat Initiation or Transmission of Power through Mantra or Sacred Word Contained in the Video.
This Mantra Works only if heard in Guru Siyag's Voice, from Video, MP3, or Personally.
Because it is the VIBRATIONS of Guru Siyag's Voice that will give You the Result.
In this method, Your Intellect or Knowledge will not Work, because it is the Guru Who will have a final control on the Kudalini, and Guru guides You on every step of this process, telepathically, remotely, anywhere in the World.
Once You are Initiated through this Video, You are internally Connected to Guru.
The Only Condition is that You Must approach it with a Positive attitude, and internal Surrender to the Guru.
The intensity and the Signal Strenght of The Internal Connection between You and Guru Siyag depends upon the Continuous mental repetition or chanting of the Mantra.
You have to Chant the Mantra in mind or brain, round the clock, 24hrs daily, while working, walking, eating, sleeping, or while doing any job.
Because it is chanted in mind, it will not disturb Your routine daily work.
The Pronounciation of Mantra -"Kling Kreeshn Kling" must be as pronouced by Guru Siyag.
Along with chanting of Mantra, You have to Sit in Meditation, twice a Day, in Morning and Evening, for 15 or 20 mins or as much You like.
After Getting initiation by Guru Siyag, using the Mantra from this Video, You can follow the Method of Meditation on -

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