Kim Kardashian Split Over Sexy Image? [18+]


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Kim Kardashian isn’t a famous athlete, she’s not an Oscar-winning actress, and she hasn’t released a hit song... yet... Many would argue that Kim K is famous for being sexy, but recently the brown eyed beauty has gone back and forth on whether she or not she actually wants to be.

November’s issue of W Magazine hit newsstands with a very naked Kim on the cover.

And now people are discussing the photos again... after the Dash doll freaked out on her current reality show “Kim and Kourtney take New York”.

“Artwork was gonna be covered on top of me, they said they weren’t going to show my ass crack or my nipple this is full [expletive] porn. Mom have you seen my cover? I feel so [expletive] taken advantage of they promised me I’d be fully covered, did you see the inside? I just am never getting naked again.”

And W took to The Wall Street Journal for their rebuttal: “Kim Kardashian’s cover was conceived as an artistic collaboration with well-known artist Barbara Kruger, and was a meditation on the influence that reality TV has on contemporary culture.”

Fox News isn’t letting Kim get away with all the media attention, calling her “Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde” and citing examples of the reality queen’s split personalities on her sexy image.

The entertainment blog was sure to state that after Kim freaked out about the W Magazine pictures ... ‘she chatted with Ryan Seacrest later on his radio show’ and said ‘At the end of the day they are gorgeous photos and I'm glad I did it and I love them.’

Showbiz Tonight asks, should she own her sexy image or did W magazine really overstep?

“Kim Kardashian became famous initially because of a sex tape. And like we were talking about she’s kinda been around before. She’s posed for Playboy.

“I assume that she put together some type of contract and signed something with W Magazine. If this really upsets her she needs to go back and look and see if indeed body parts were shown that she did not agree to.”

But is there actually a brilliant marketing executive behind the long dark curls? On CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight, Kim seems to think so.

“Honestly what is your talent? Would you have any? I would absolutely say that marketing is a skill.
“But for us we’ve always been about the business.”
“I think being an entrepreneur is definitely a skill and if you asked me what my job title is? Ya what do you put on your passport? Um it changes, sometimes I just write something really random and say teacher.”

True to form Kim won’t be out of the news for long -- the starlet has a racy Sketcher’s ad set to debut during the Super Bowl.

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