Using Custom Soft PVC Labels for School Uniforms and Clothing


Uploaded on February 08, 2011 by Flex Systems

Most school uniforms, cheerleading outfits, tackle twill, team uniforms, mascot emblazoned hats and sweatshirts are usually decorated with either silk-screening or embroidery. These techniques have been used as long as anyone can remember, but a new trend is emerging — soft flexible PVC labels, emblems and patches from Flexsystems USA Inc. Not only do the PVC labels capture more detail, but they are far more durable than embroidery, making them a great match for tough, contact sports like football. Screen-printing will get destroyed after the first sliding tackle and embroidery can become snagged and unravel.

In addition to the ruggedness and durability of flexible PVC emblems, they have the added feature of being able to capture all of the mascot detail perfectly with no modification. Their pour-molded process can reproduce type as small as 2 pt. (.7056mm) and line weights as thin as .25 pt. (.0882 mm)

In addition to their "no compromise" detail rich pour-molded process, Flexsystems patent pending "Flex4CP" PVC labels have the added benefit of capturing an unlimited range of colors due to the combination of four-color offset lithographic printing with the durable and weatherproof PVC material. Flexsystems custom PVC plastic labels are perfect for outdoor events like football, rugby, baseball, field hockey and lacrosse.

In addition to replacing embroidery and silkscreen on uniforms and clothing, the tooling used to create the 3D rubber emblems can also be used to create custom flexible PVC bracelets, necklaces and pendants for team boosters and pep rallies or key chains for homecoming football game giveaways.

For more information about flexible custom PVC labels, emblems, bracelets, key chains and other promotional items for schools, check out Flexsystems updated website at For more information about support bracelets:

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