Dance Central - Break It Down! [HD]


Uploaded on February 08, 2011 by gamezombie

Want to learn how to dance? Want to spare your dignity, too? Harmonix hopes to make a competent dancer out of you with Dance Central, the studio's first Kinect-enabled game. You don't even have to leave the privacy of your own living room!

Dean Tate, Lead Designer for Dance Central, chats with GZ's David Klein about the styles of dance incorporated within the game. With choreography for tracks spanning genres like reggae, disco, hip-hop, and more, gamers should find something on the setlist that they'll want to groove to. There's even a freestyle mode for those who want to add their own twist to a dance!

Don't worry if you've never set foot on a dance floor, though. Dance Central offers a "Break It Down" mode to walk players through every dance within the game, step by step. With enough practice, anyone can take center stage!

Harmonix's Dance Central is currently available for Microsoft Kinect, with more tracks and dances to be offered as future DLC for $3 each.

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