Softomni Print Monitoring System


Uploaded on February 10, 2011 by nishantpofale

SoftOmni Print Monitoring System is a well designed software that allows you to audit and log all print jobs, analyze and monitor all network printers as well as shared printers from one centralized location.

This software can be used by anyone at home, school and office for their own requirements and purposes. Do you lack control of your employee's printing activities? do you want to know how many papers was wasted by your employees who print personal documents? do you want to get a software to protect confidential documents of your business? SoftOmni Print Monitoring System is the best print job monitor software you ever dreamed.

SoftOmni Print Monitoring System allows you to see real time printer's printing status and log all job information such as printer name, document name, computer name, user name, pages printed, paper size, etc. It also can save the print job information into centralized database to allow you to analyze and track printer's usage later.

The report generated will be directly mailed to the administrator, head of the department.

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