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iCi - Brooklyn-Fort Greene, NY<br />
Open 7 days a week. Dinner every night at 5.30pm until 10pm from Sunday to Thursday, until 11pm on Friday & Saturday. <br />
Brunch Sat & Sund 9am to 4pm.<br />
At iCi, we are convinced that the best-tasting food is naturally grown and harvested in ways that are ecologically sound and socially responsible by people who are taking care of the land for future generations.<br />
<br />
We develop menus that change with the seasons, using exclusively fresh, naturally grown ingredients of the highest quality from the local farms and markets. These ingredients are put together in a way that does not mask the natural flavors or strip the food of its nutritional value.<br />
<br />
iCi's seasonal menu of modern classics is complemented by a list of rare and unusual wines from small, natural, dedicated, and often fanatical growers who work their vines and make their wines with honesty, passion and humor. Our wines are made with the least intervention possible: no selected yeast, no enzymes or other additives, low yields, low to no sulfates.<br />
<br />
A truly natural restaurant that emphasizes quality over spectacle, iCi brings people back to the fundamentals of good organic dining.

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