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PROCESS WAS SMOOTH!!! The process was smooth and the only reason I have to give you an 8 was that they had to come back several times because of issues with the door but I would still consider using FJB Associates again because you didn't turn away as soon as you got paid, you made sure to make everything right. Mr. and Mrs. Kukta of Southbury, CT

I WOULD USE FJB ASSOCIATES AGAIN!!! The installers were great. They came when they said they would and went right to work. They explained everything they were doing and there was no confusion at the end. I would use FJB Associates again. Mr. and Mrs. Bishop of Rocky Hill, CT

NEAT! Mr. Wloch said that he was on time, fast courteous, and neat. Now I'm going to and get the form to get my $1,500 tax rebate. Mr. and Mrs. Wloch of Ware, MA

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